Bloody Shibi

Bloody Shibi

$ 120.00

Bloody Shibi is from the underwater still shot collection of pelagic fish caught and shot by Hawaiian professional kayak angler, Isaac Brumaghim.

This view is of an underwater shot of the shibi (yellowfin tuna) as it speared by the kage (a spear used to gaff) before it is landed on the kayak by Isaac Brumaghim.

" I had just received this kage from a close friend for my 40th birthday. This was one of the first fish to feel its mana (strength,power)."

This collection is a great addition that fisherman and ocean lovers will appreciate.  The entire collection was shot while fishing in Hawaii and gives a keen eye into the visual art of kayak fishing.

This still has been featured on Isaac's Instagram feed.

The collection is available in 8x8 or 12x12 metal with a glossy finish.